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Challenge your brain with these minigames


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If you like games that stretch your brain, Skillz is a great way to test your mental agility as you try to find the solutions for various logic puzzles on your smartphone.

From the main menu, you can choose from various games that will really put your brain to the test. You can prove your visual acuity by finding the odd number out in a grid full of identical numbers. You can also tap on the color indicated by the text even though that word is written in a different color, which is incredibly confusing and takes a lot of concentration.

As you solve the various puzzles, you can unlock new games so you never get bored. For example, you can play a classic game where you have to match symbols that disappear after rotating in a short space of time.

Skillz is an excellent game for exercising your visual acuity and intelligence while also having fun as you solve tons of puzzles on your smartphone. Prepare to think hard to find the solutions and unlock new levels.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher